Wonderful Sunday, excellent organization and beautiful hospitality. Thank you all!!!

Congratulations to all!!!

Chiara e Diego

Thank you for the hospitality and helpfulness of everyone concerned.

Antonio e Laura

Spectacular route, excellent food and wine. Thank you.


Beautiful. Very good. We will certainly return. Except Vito... Kisses

Gruppo Ormelle

Congratulations! Really good organization and excellent food and wine (group leader well-prepared and friendly). Until next year!

Gruppo da Castion

Very beautiful despite the rain!!!

Milena, Gianni, Vanessa, Michele

A beautiful walk!


It was a absolutely superb ... we hope to do it again.

Mattia, Nicola

It was beautiful, a pity abut the weather; that's walking.

Thanks to the Rive Vive association, from the group "We'll get there when we get there"

Silvia, Manu, Giulia, Sara, Bac, Ilaria, Bebo

Despite the rain it was beautiful!!!


Everything was beautiful... A fantastic walk. Despite the rain we had a lot of fun...

Chiara, Gianluca, Cristian, Agnese

Too bad about the rain, but we don't let that stop us! Married Tami.

Martina, Tamara, Elisa

Rive Vive 2016. A love, an instant, an eternity.

A beautiful day, with lots of laughter, rain, sun... and a new love!


Well done! Well organized, nice route... Thanks and see you at the next edition.

Denis e company

The fifth Rive Vive for us. As always, my compliments to the organisers!


Bilo je res Ĩudovito!

Hvala, Tinka

It gets more beautiful every year! Thanks to the guide (blonde ... blue eyes!!! Very funny)

Spilimbergo 2016

A healthy walk! We love nature.

Elena, Marco, Fede, Enrico

A lucky day, not just because we got wet in the rain but because we were surrounded by the wonderful hills as well as a liquid that's always been called the nectar of the Gods! Thank you!

Marina e Nicola

Bravi! See you next year!!!


05.29.2016 I am dead tired but happy!!!

05.29.2016 Until next time!

Gruppo Vittorio Veneto